Sunday, November 1, 2009

Loving Those Dating Shows

Hello Divas!

I just finished watching the finales of My Antonio and A Real Chance At Love 2. Those are celebrity dating shows where the guys were dating a bunch of women, trying to find true love.

Now I followed A Real Chance At Love 2 a little more closely than My Antonio so I was a bit surprised at the choices the guys made there.

I see that they are coming up with a new season of For The Love Of Ray J. For those who do not know, Ray J is Brandy's little brother and he already had a season of the show. I thought he made the wrong choice at the end...and it is obvious now since he is already on a second season of the show.

The previews show that there is a BIG surprise for the girls in the house and I cannot wait to waste time watching this show. It plays on VH1 so gear up your cable if you like those types of shows.

I have been watching and do not take those shows seriously...I just think they are really funny and the people who go on them are very entertaining.

Do you watch those shows? Which one is your favorite?

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