Monday, November 16, 2009

Nivea Moisture (Product Review)

Hello Divas!

A true Diva ALWAYS has soft,supple, well hydrated lips as a basic part of her wardrobe. I love lip balms and lip glosses but I wanted to try out this Nivea Kiss Of Moisture lip hydrator to see if it would deliver.

The first thing I noticed is that it contains SPF 4 and have talked before about using SPF to protect your skin so this was interesting to me. I actually get a rash when I use any product that contains SPF except for Oil Of Olay so I was a bit worried.

I decided to apply it at night and that way if I got a rash I could just hide at home the next day. I noticed when I put on the product that it felt MUCH lighter than other lip balms and not as waxy.

It felt like it was really moisturizing my lips while still providing long lasting barriers against wind and other drying agents. I woke up the next day and did not have any rash or discomfort so I guess that while SPF 4 is very low it is better than having nothing on my lips at all.

The lip balm is clear so I would need to find some way to add in color if I wanted that. It is also unscented which is good most of the time but sometimes I like a little color and flavor and scent in just one product without needing to do multiple steps.

I also noticed that unlike some of the other thicker balms, this tended to wear off quickly when eating so constant reapplication is necessary.

The one thing I must say I do not like about this is the way the cap fits!!!!!! In most other lip balms the white part, which is the smaller part, would be the cap so you just pull of the little cap and there is your product. With Nivea Kiss of Moisture the BLUE part is the you pull the balm out of this LONG tube like a tube of lipstick and STILL have to twist to get at the product. I hate the long cap because it makes it a little more difficult to to cover the balm in a hurry.

In general it is a good lip balm for the price but a tinted version would be nice.

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