Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dark Armpit Update June 2010

Hello Divas!

We normally talk about beautiful things here but every now and then I need to get down to the not so pretty parts...namely dark, ugly armpits.

I have chronicled my dark armpits in the past and you can go to read those posts here:
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I recently decided to try something new so this is going to be a new reference point for the future.

I have gotten some Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Tone Correcting Serum for the left armpit.I will continue to only use antiperspirants during the day as needed, like when I am going to work or need to leave the house for some other reason.

I will continue to wash off the antiperspirant as soon as I get home and will use these serums on the armpits on an individual basis so I can see which, if any is producing results.

I will be using Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector for the right armpit.

Here are some images of the armpits in the past.

This is the left in May.

This is the left in June.

This is the right in May.

This is the right in June.

Yes I know I need to wax again.......but I took those photos before beginning the new regimen as I guess they got worse from the failed lemon juice experiment and the failed exfoliation experiment.

I will update you in about a month to see if we can detect any POSITIVE changes in the appearance or if I have once again wasted money on the curse of the dark armpits.


Anonymous said...

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alvarezay said...

Maybe you should try this wonderful soap.
It's Licorice soap and it does wonders.
It's on eBay.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I see a little difference, however, I think you need to use the same pic settings for your before/after pictures. It's hard to tell with the shadows blocking the way. Maybe try taking pics with natural light...it'll show true to tone.

mariella said...

give us an update, please. i'm curious to see if your new treatments work.

Anonymous said...

From your pictures, it looks like your armpits are getting better. I have the same problem, so I'm interested in seeing updates!