Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Looking For A New Diet Pill

Hello Divas!!!

I have been having some issues with losing the weight and putting it back on again. I tried some diet pills but they gave me terrible stomach aches or else left me running for the bathroom at different times.

This was very uncomfortable for me and not very I am looking for a new diet pill that will not have me sitting on the toilet all the time.

I guess I need something that will suppress my appetite or rev up my metabolism or both. Any suggestions?


ladyassassin said...

same here, im trying to find a very good pill to suppress my appetite. i tried the cosmo body before, it worked for me, but you to follow the meal plan for 1 week.they promised that you would lose about 5 -17 lbs for a week, in my case i lost 6 pounds, not bad for i have a large framed body. the reason why i gained weight again is that im using pills now, and in my case, i always feel hungry. i gained the weight that i lost last year, im planing to take cosmo body again when im through with these pills, coz they will just counteract each other. also there is this pills that is gaining popularity, lean and fab (which u could purchased from sellers of the company global fusionand this S & L, which can be found in some pharmacy

Anonymous said...

i have the same problems as you. dark underarms and weight !

i'm pretty small framed. in the past 3 months, i lost about 5plus kg, currently at 53kg, a number i haven't seen for 4 years. i guess when i got knee and ankle pains at 62kg, i realized i had to get back into shape.

instead of a diet pill, how about some exercise and diet. i did 1-3kg weights. 3 times weekly, it takes a while to see results, keep going for 3 months, there WILL BE RESULTS plus my arms were less flabby (:

secret: i love crazy dancing to music in front of a mirror with the doors closed. try putting 1kg wrist weights and just crazy dance for 45mins. you can do punching and kicking actions. imagine you're a famous boxer. anything. great way to relive stress and laugh at yourself in the mirror.

try not to count calories, it gives you less stress. just trying having self cooked balanced meals, (eg. one meal:single egg (vitB) scrambled with chicken fillet and carrots (vitA) with barley drink, apple with peanut butter.) or (spinach (cal&iron) with fish (omega3) and 3 baby potatoes)

load up on protein and vegetables and fruits, but don't eliminate carbs. i admit to reducing carbs, but i don't eliminate them. sweet potatoes (vit A) are awesome. (sweet potato fries when you crave french fries. just cut and bake)

i snacked between meals too, i ate wheatables (served as carb too), almond nuts, fruits, glass of chocolate malt milk (especially when i crave chocolate), frozen yoghurt (instead of icecream!). i ate cheesecake too !

just make sure you have minerals, vitamins and sleep. on days i had better (longer sleep), i weighed less.

somehow i just lost weight doing those things, hope it works for you too ! or you might just find what works for you along the way (: all the best ! i'd read your blog, hoping for an underarm miracle, cause i'm still searching for one ):

ps. yes to hooping. it's addictive. i'm not very into diet pills, cause of the possible side effects. REDUZE is heavily advertised on S'pore TV. But they got a really skinny actress to advertise it, which seems ridiculous, cause she was really petite size to begin with. but apparently it works.

Anonymous said...

Basically I stopped eating rice. When I do, occasionally (because rice is so yummy! Hehe), I burn it up by working out. Drinking Oolong tea helps too. It's a natural fat burner that speeds up your metabolism, so that even after you workout, you are still burning fat. I don't believe in pills or anything. I go for the natural way in doing things and it really has good effects. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I too have same problems as you! I have dark underarms and weight problems. but am trying something new this time no more pills for my weight!!I lost some of it but got biger then wen i started :( SO now I order Zumba DVD's. See i like to dances so am hoping this will work out. they haven't got here but they are in there way:)Am also doing something different with food! Am eating everything i want but only 1/2 of it!!!so far am not like it so much but with lots of water is ok.makes me full:) Hopefully i can do this!! Wish me luck, for that.
As for my dark underarms that are almost black I think am going to order one of these things: celabright, medliten or meladerm pigment reducing. The only thing is that they are about $100.00 for each one :( and can only do one. If any of you girls have tryed this let me know if they are working for you. I have to save up money to get one of them. I just have to pick one :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I really can't believe that we are in the same situation. well, almost. I've reduced my weight. With these pink pills. Although I don't know if they deliver anywhere else besides the philippines. I was down to my 2nd bottle and that's when I noticed the result. Although I am scared at how good it is in reducing my weight. I stopped but it became like my stepping stone in losing weight. I would definitely recommend it but not for the long term use. I'm afraid of death by liver damage. I think you should give it a try. It reduces your appetite, but make sure to eat 3 meals a day, even just a little. Drink plenty of water too. And if you want to speed up the lose-weight process,go on a bit of an exercise. BE CAREFUL of fakes though. There are a lot of those. I once ordered, from a different supplier, fakes. Good thing I was able to return it. The site also notes the difference with the fake ones and the authentic pills, so if you understand filipino, you could just read the precautions on how to detect the fake ones from the real ones. It really works. So much so that it would scare you haha! Wish you the best in losing weight girl!