Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still Battling My Armpits

Hello Divas!

I have recently been getting a LOT of comments and emails about any updates on my armpits. I know I have not posted pictures in a long time but that is because there really has not been any change in my armpits yet.

A few months ago I went through the whole rash thing when I tried a new antiperspirant and my pits were bleeding and peeling for about a week. It was horrible.

The color seems to be the same now but I have been using Dove antiperspirant...not the clinical strength so I will get some new pics up soon.


1seekingabetterlife said...

I just visited your post and wanted to mention how largely your diet plays an effect on your skin. Are u consuming a diet heavily containing alot of processed foods with are acidic? Too much acid causes all kinds of skin problems. I remember using a deorderant that was so strong I started to notice a dark armpit. Then I stopped using the product, then it went away. Your perspiration issue may stem from foods too much for your body to rid itself from so it perspires profusely. Eat more fresh fruit and veggies...actually try herbal time u will see a different result with your armpits. You really should not have to apply that much protection against odors. Your body is telling you something..Also try shaving just in the summer to give your armpits a rest. I hope this helps..

Diva In Training said...

Well thank you for the information. I never thought about my diet but I do eat a lot of fruits and vegetables so I am not sure that is the issue.

I will certainly consider the herbal cleanse but that will be something I need to do when I know I can stay home because of the 'residual' effects that I hear those things have.

ladyassassin said...

hellow! i just read your blog about your underarm, well i suffer such situation too, but that was before. i shaved a lot before and used deodorants like rexona and nivea, all i can say is that they made my underarms dark, and the worst, after i gave birth, it really gotten dark. i already used a lot of deo with gluta content, but to no avail. i just want to share to you that i have just found a seller in facebook thatsells underarm lightening kit, i purchased my self, my UA peeled and after 2 months, it really lightened. im not promoting any of the sellers there but i guess you should give it a try, i also wax my UA now, before i used to pluck and shave. i only wax every two weeks, give ur skin a rest, and especially, dont put anything on your UA after waxing, 24 hours atleast after waxing, the pores are open, so it is best not to put anything on them . also i wanna share my horrible experience in waxing, i was using the one that u need to melt first, my UA got burned, and it was really painful. now im searching for a good cold wax instead. i say, give it a shot, the UA lightening kit, products ranges from 350 and up. also there is this deo called scion, manufactured by NU skin, it has good reviews, but i have never tried my self.

ladysomeone said...

i agree with 1seekingabetterlife about the effect of diet on the skin
i know what are you gonna through Diva In Training because i have been through all what you have
but i must tell you that few years ago i start a healthier diet and cut a lot of crabs and sweets in my daily diet(keep in mind that I'm slightly over weight but not obese)
and i swear the darkness has improved a lot but not completely gone
and I'm also sorry to hear that you have sweat problems too and it's seems that your armpits is so sensitive too !
i got a sweat problem but i have found the antiperspirants that worked for me well
have you tried perspirex?
i put it before i go to sleep 2 days every week
sometimes it cause an annoying itchy feeling but i try my best to not scratch my pit so i try my best to resist (the feeling doesn't last long)
I'm trying different products now to improve the tone of my armpit
if i see any results i will for sure post a comment for you :)
may you armpits get better my dear :D

J said...

hi i came across your blog post and i have to say i have the same EXACT thing wen i try new deo. i break out sooooo bad i get all bloody and scabby and it makes my skin EVEN worse!! its horrible i cant use any stick deo. i used to dove and i broke out.. i would suggest you use aerosol deodorants! thats what im using now and i have yet to break out on em.. i guess they're not as smellly smelly maybe thats why! so anyway try that maybe it will help its helped me good lluck im still on a mission to find a answer to the dark underarms treatment!:( thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh I had rashes too. They made my armpits worse :-( Now I'll go to Ellen's SKin Care for scrubbing and a whitening cream. I hope they work.