Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tweaking My Eating Plan

Hello Divas!

It has been a while since I posted about my weight management....or really about anything at all but I am now back on track...I think.

I realize that counting calories is not working for me because I have not been able to stick to the calorie count that was suggested for me.

I also just read that generally limiting calories does not work for many people because in the back of your mind you stress about the calories you consume. This leads to increased stress and high stress leads to retention of belly fat.

So by counting my calories I was actually programming my body to store those calories as fat!!!!!

I am going to go on a modified version of the Weight Watchers plan which does not involve me counting ANYTHING.

The latest research from Weight Watchers shows natural fruits and vegetables as FREE foods. This means you can eat as much of them as you want without them counting towards your points. The other foods are the ones that you need to worry about...but I will just focus on eating CLEANER and healthier foods.

So I will be having unlimited
and other such foods!

I plan on eating a few fruits or veggies before my meal and then if I still feel hungry I will have some more.

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Anonymous said...

I've just saw your armpits threads and I will just tell you what to do. The dark armpits main cause is the shaving so try plucking because shaving cuts the hair from the surface and the hair heads keep inside which reflect darker pattern. First and its painful take a green lemon not the yellow one cut it in half and rub each against your armpits while you shower. its going to hurt so try to rub little bit then wash under the shower. Keep doing that until u don't feel pain and all bacteria is dead.
Then after the shower put alum powder and avoid anything else. In every shower do the lemon process or at least once a week.
So its like this, keep it clean by showering and lemon thing after that that keep your armpits dry from water after shower or sweat always. use soft body wash like johnsons & johnsons liquid soap. Then use alum powder during the day and coconut oil before sleep because it contains Vitamin E which is very useful. Having dark armpits is normal it just need care. another advice is to practice swimming which can be very very useful for this issue. Pray for God for anything you wishes even if you think that its too stupid to ask for beauty, but do it, its very important to be sincere in anything you do. Last advice avoid any medicines and stuff that promise whiter and better armpits, just go natural be happy and take care of your self.