Thursday, June 23, 2011

Single Ladies: Confidence Games

Hello Divas!!!!

So I have been watching this show recently called Single Ladies. It is really interesting, although I do think that at times it can come across as a little bit fake.

This episode Daryl served his wife with divorce papers ON HER BIRTHDAY and that small act got me to hate him. I know he is upset because she cheated on him but she was really sorry and she was taking steps to reconcile their marriage.

If he wanted to serve her I think he could at least have waited until some time after...but he put the papers in a gift box and dressed in his good suit and then when she opened the box there were the divorce papers. That was a very low blow.

Some of the acting leaves a lot to be desired but it is a refreshing show...AND there is a super fabulous gay guy named Omar on the show!!!!!

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