Monday, September 12, 2011

Where Are All The NATURAL Products?

Hello Divas!

I have been hunting high and low to find 'natural' products but I just cannot find anything with a short list of ingredients.

I decided to look at Burt's Bees items because they claim to be natural but when I looked at the list of ingredients I was very disappointed. I know that when a product uses a scientific name they put the common name in parentheses so you can tell what it is, e.g.

-avena sativa (oat)....found in Aveeno active naturals lotion
-thoebrama cacao (cocoa) extract......found in Palmer's cocoa butter formula.

But we all know that things like

-benzyl alcohol
-sodium chloride

are NOT natural.

I was told that the closer a product is to being natural...the fewer ingredients it will have. Out of those, there will be more with parentheses and less with long sounding names. I was sad to see that Burt's Bees had TONS of long chemical sounding names and a tiny percentage of products that were plant based and therefore NATURAL.

A friend of mine also told me about Carol's Daughter hair products so I decided to check them out.

Same thing...I was stunned to see the list of chemicals in this 'good for you, natural' line of hair care.

The ONE thing I have found with the fewest ingredients happens to be Palmer's cocoa butter...which is a formula that I use regularly and love anyway.

So again I ask...WHERE are all the NATURAL products?


Anonymous said...

Try EOS (Evolution of Smooth). You may have seen it in the form of cute, brightly-colored, egg-shaped lip balm. It is totally natural and works quite well. Not that expensive either! :)

Diva In Training said...

Yes I have seen those little EOS balls for lip balm at the checkout at WalMart. I was afraid to use them because there is only ONE kind of lip balm so far that does not cause an allergic reaction in me. I buy it at Sally's and every couple of months I will buy 10 or so to make sure I always have them on hand.

I will grab one EOS next time I go shopping to see what happens.