Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jersey Shore....Oh Please No More

Hello Divas!

Now I enjoy the latest trashy reality tv just as much as the next diva..BUT this last episode of Jersey Shore "Where's My Boyfriend?" had me really disgusted.

The part I hated was where Snooki actually took hold of her dress and lifted it UP AROUND HER WAIST and began dancing.

Her boyfriend told her to stop and her response was to lie down on the seat and show her butt!!!!

I have laughed at times when she accidentally showed some boobs or butt but quickly covered it up...but in this case she did it on purpose. And then then when he told her to stop she just kept doing it and had the nerve to get mad at HIM.

People have been commenting on the episode and saying he knew what he was getting into when he started dating her...but this is too much to ask of someone. Yes he knows that she does crazy stuff when she is drunk but I am sure he went into the relationship thinking she would at least listen to him when he told her not to do things like that and make herself look like a fool.

He should not have to put up with her exposing herself in just a THONG for EVERYONE to see and I am glad that he walked out.

One thing to note is that he did not just walk out as soon as she did it...he TRIED to talk to her but she told him to leave.

Then she says she does not deserve the way he is treating her.

Oh? And does he deserve to have everyone staring because his girlfriend who claims to love him so much cannot keep her dress down?

Really class less behavior Nicole!!!! Ewwww.

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