Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get Your Shiny DIVA Hair On!!

Hello Divas!

We all want beautiful, shiny hair because that is one of the marks of healthy hair. Now you can always mist on some shine enhancer but we all know that is just a temporary fix.

You want to have shiny hair that is shiny because it is healthy and does not contain a lot of products. One of the best ways to start this is to get a trim. Trimming your hair gets rid of the nasty, frizzy split ends and provides a clean, flat end for your hair.

I know a LOT of hairdressers (especially the black ones) tend to cut a huge chunk of hair when you ask for a trim, which is why many women shy away from getting a proper haircut. Be FIRM with the hair dresser and if you want no more than ONE INCH taken off then SPEAK up and let her know.

Personally I tell them I need to face the mirror so I can see what they are doing. Do NOT turn me away from the mirror and then surprise me with an inch and a half of hair on the floor.

Turn Down the Heat
Many of us are slaves to the flat iron or the curling iron and attack our hair with those tools on a daily basis.

That is BAD!!!

Too much heat burns up the hair and roughs up the cuticle, resulting in loss of shine. Turn it down and give your hair a break every now and then. Experts say to try to limit heat on your hair to no more than twice a week to get your locks all shiny.

Deep Condition
Yup. You need to do a deep conditioning or use a mask to get oils to your hair to keep it soft and shiny. One of the best deep conditioning tools I have found is to just use the olive oil that you have in your kitchen.

Apply some oil to your hair, cover with a plastic cap and turn on the blow drier for 10 minutes OR run around the house and do some cleaning for 30-45 minutes. Then wash and condition for shiny hair.

What are some of your favorite tips for getting AND keeping your hair shiny?

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