Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fell Off The Sugar Wagon

Hello Divas!

So I recently talked about how I wanted to go on a sugar detox to help with my weight issues. I started off really well and was reducing the amount of sugar that I ate....then I spent the weekend with my best friend and that all went out the window!

I am reading a book called The Perfect 10 and it mentions eating whole foods in order to balance out your hormones so that you can lose weight effectively.

The book mentions that excess sugar in our diet is one of the biggest reasons that our weight loss efforts fail. There is a lot of detail about how sugar affects your diet and how much sugar there is in foods, even in ketchup!!!

I have to start my detox all over again because once you fall of the sugar wagon you begin to crave sugar all the time. It is going to take a few days to get my tolerance back down to where I can reduce my sugar intake but I am willing to work on it not only for my weight but also because sugar affects things like:

-diabetes risk
-skin aging

and a host of other issues that affect us all daily. Wish me luck and I hope that no one offers me cheesecake in the next few days.

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