Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Has Anyone Used Wen Hair Products?

Hello Divas!

I have been watching a lot of infomercials recently and I keep seeing the ads for Wen hair care products.

I have very dry hair from:

-being black
-chemically straightening my hair
-coloring my hair

so I am really interested in getting something that is simple but will still keep my hair moisturized. I have tried a no Sodium Laureth Sulfate shampoo in the past but I was not impressed with the results.

I want to try Wen but I have seen some really negative reviews and the price is quite high so it is a bit intimidating to try out.

Have any of you ladies used Wen? What was your experience like?


Anonymous said...

I have used WEN hair products ... I am Black And White But more black ... When i use WEN and i straighten my hair it looks still with no life or movement... But if you are going to use it for curly hair to tame the frizz this is the best product to use

Diva In Training said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I keep hearing good things but I have also read some TERRIBLE reviews about it. I would hate to spend all that money on something and then it it does not work for me.

Anonymous said...

I use WEN. I'm biracial too..more black..very dry coarse hair. Like the products. Hair is healthier. Hair still frizzy if I let it dry naturally. Better results when I blow dry and flat iron but I don't do that too often.

Just get keritan treatment. Trying to find out if I can continue to use WEN.