Monday, March 12, 2012

Palmer's Olive Oil...Love This For My Hair

Hello Divas!!

So we know that my dry hair is a BIG issue for me and I have been trying a number of different products in order to get my hair feeling moisturized without being greasy or weighed down.

I have used Olive Oil to deep condition my hair before but do not do it on a regular basis because it is a bit messy and time consuming.

I just found Palmer's Olive Oil Formula spray for hair and I must say this has truly been a life saver.

I just spray a little bit on my scalp and massage it in and my scalp stays nice and moist for a few days but does not feel greasy.

I also spray a little bit on my ends as they tend to be VERY dry and frizzy and I have been getting comments that my hair looks good in the last two weeks that I have been using the formula. I must say that a small bit goes a LONG way so only use a tiny amount and really rub it in.

The spray also has a light scent, unlike some other olive oil products that have a strong smell.

This is a product that works for me and if you want to buy it then you can buy from my Amazon store by simply clicking on the image in this post. It is an affiliate link so I will earn a commission from your sale....OR you can just elsewhere if you like.

I hope you enjoy the product.

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