Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Palmers Coconut Oil Strong Roots: Product Review

Hello Divas!

The time has come again for me to do a review of a product that I have actually used so I can let you know what I think of it.

Today I will be looking at Palmers Coconut Oil Strong Roots spray.   I normally LOVE the products from Palmers, starting with the solid cocoa butter body lotion.

I most recently used an olive oil spray for my hair but I have heard great things about coconut oil so I decided to give this a try. The first thing I noticed about this oil spray is that it has peppermint and eucalyptus oils added in as well as the coconut oil.

The makers claim that the two minty oils are to help refresh the scalp but I did not particularly care for the minty coconut scent when I sniffed it from the bottle.

The product claims to be an oil spray but I did not find it oily when I sprayed it on my hair and scalp. It actually came out of the bottle like a mint scented water instead of a mint scented oil. I guess that is a good thing because it is not oily...but it does leave me wondering how much coconut oil was actually in the mix.

The minty scent which was overpowering straight out of the bottle was actually not as strong once I sprayed it on my hair.

The product was not oily enough for me to feel like the comb was slipping through my hair as easily as when I used the other oil product. I sprayed it on dry hair like I did with my regular olive oil spray so that I could test how it worked.

I put my hair up in a wrap and sprayed some more product on and I found that the Coconut oil spray made the ends of the hair stay in place better than the olive oil spray.

I am not sure if this is a good thing as this new spray may just be a little more sticky but I will have to see if the hair feels soft when I take it down from the wrap and sleeping on it all night.

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