Monday, August 6, 2012

Decorating On A Student Budget: Bedding

Hello Divas!

I am back to being a full time student and I am moving to a new place. It comes partially furnished so this time around I am glad I do not have to spend money on furniture.

I will need a few accessories to spruce up the place as well as make myself comfortable so I thought I should start with my bedding.

I decided to go ahead and actively choose an easy-to-work-with color scheme of shades of grey.

I picked grey because it is less drastic than black and white which would be very stark. I also just really love grey and I am sure that the grey tones will have some black and white woven in.

I know that most people would actually pick black and white for the dramatic effect but I also want my bedding to be soothing and I think that the contrast with black and white would just be too much for me.

I am going to accent the plain colors with a pop of pink because I use satin pillowcases and they just happened to come in pink.

I thought of using this zebra pattern but felt it was a little too Jersey Shore and I also think that the plain stripes would not go out of style.

Zebra Print Complete Bed in a Bag Maybe as I move forward I may go with the zebra print but for now I will be sticking to the softer play with the grey tones.

This bedding set costs less than $50 at Walmart so it is really good for those on a budget and it provides reasonably good quality for the price.

With this bed in a bag set you get all of the following items for any size that you choose:
-bed skirt
-fitted sheet
-flat sheet
-2 pillow cases
-2 shams

except in the case of the twin bed where you only get one pillow case and one sham.

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