Monday, July 30, 2012

NYC 16 Hr Smooch Proof Lip Stain: Review

Hello Divas!!!

It is time again to review a beauty product and the one I have chosen this time is the NYC 16 Hr smooch proof lip stain.

I bought this in the Forever Fuschia because it looked like a cool color that would work for me. I did not read the name but went with the color I could see through the cap and it actually turned out pretty good.

I have not used this a true stain in the sense that you are supposed to apply it to bare lips first to get the desired effect. I actually applied over my lip balm and got a creamy but shiny effect. I let it dry a bit and then applied more lip balm over the stain and ended up with a really nice look.

It does wear off after about 4 hours because of the creamy base of the lip balm so you do have to reapply if you use this method.

I will try it on bare lips some time in the future to see if I can get some longer wear out of it but I just feel better about using it over a lip balm because lip stains tend to be very drying!!!!

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