Sunday, February 17, 2013

Do You Try On Panties Before Buying Them?

Hello Divas!!

I just wanted to ask this question because I am not sure how everyone reacts to this. I have to try EVERYTHING that I buy.

Actually I try it the first time and then after wearing it if I love it then I can just go out and buy more in the same size in different colors.

I have to try on shoes because although my shoe size seems to be a 7 I currently have shoes in all the following sizes:
-size 6.5
-size 7 (most of my shoes)
-size 7.5
-size 8 (one random pair)

I have gained weight and seem to be a medium in most clothes but there are some things I have a large in.

I bought 4 pairs of jeans at American Eagle Outfitters.....two size 7, one size 8 and one size 10...and the size 10 feels tighter than one of the size 7 jeans.

To this end I also HAVE TO try on panties when I am buying a new style because I can never be too sure what the fit will be.

Generally I wear between a size 6 or 7 but I do have a few in size 5.

I have found that I need a different size if I am getting thongs or if I am getting boy shorts. And if I switch brands like going from George brand to Fruit of the Loom then the sizes vary also.

I always leave my own underwear on when trying panties and ALWAYS wash them before wearing them. Actually I wash EVERYTHING I purchase before wearing because you never know what was tried on before you.

I heard some people say it is nasty to try on panties before you buy them but I want to make sure I get the right fit...and you try on bras and shirts and everything else right?

So do you try on panties before you buy or not?


Laarni said...

Interesting question! NEVER TRIED to wear pannies before buying them. I know my size but never thought of trying them on first. Some stores don't allow them though.

Have a great day, Aurora!

Diva In Training said...

Well I guess you are one of those perfectly sized people who always wear the exact size.

My crazy body will allow me to wear different sizes no matter how much weight I lose or gain.

Same thing with shoes...I try everything on.