Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Sweat A Lot!!!

Hello Divas!!

I have received a few comments on the popular posts about my dark armpits. I also got some direct messages on this topic as well.

Many readers asked why I don't just stop using antiperspirants (and deodorants) because they contribute to my dark underarms.

Well my title says it all.
I sweat a lot.

Not just a little bit.





I can start to sweat straight out of the shower from just walking across the bathroom and into my bedroom.

I sweat even when it is cold and I have goosebumps.

I just sweat all the time.

If I don't use antiperspirants I will sweat even more so that is just not an option for me right now.
I even sweat when using the clinical strength antiperspirant.....although it works the FIRST day.

I was given this gel thing that was supposed to help reduce the sweat but it did nothing. I attempted to not wear antiperspirant when I shower at night and then only apply when I shower in the morning.

All that happens is I wake up sweaty!

So unless someone who sweats a lot finds a way for me to stop sweating then I will continue to just have nasty black armpits.

And no I cannot afford Botox shots in my armpits!!!!


Anonymous said...

try using tawas powder

Anonymous said...

that is called hyperhidrosis. i have the same thing and the one i use is JTomas no sweat or sometimes driclor. it doesnt darken my underarms which is very good. odaban is the best for excessive sweating but i dont think they have it here in the phils i usually get mine from the us