Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yellow Sandals On Sale

Hello Divas!!!!

I love a good sale and I just got a pair of cute sandals for a great deal. You can get these sandals at Payless for only $19.99 as they are on sale right now.

I thought the color was a little bit off when I saw them in the box but they look AMAZING on my skin so I got them.

They also had them in orange which I really loved but sadly I could not find my size. I think I would also love this style in teal as it would go with almost anything and I really don't have much with yellow right now.

I am proud of myself because I am incorporating more color into my world now and I think that having these yellow shoes will force me into getting yellow clothes.

I just need to keep shopping the sales and clearance racks to make sure I don't spend too much with my new taste in shopping.

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