Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Need A Pedicure!!!

Hello Divas!!!

I hate to polish my own toes even though I like doing my fingers. I just think that I can never get my feet to look like the professionals do...even though it really is NOT in my budget to get a pedicure every month.

I actually got one in February and then one June and I just felt SO pretty and happy.

I was going to get one one in July because it was my birthday but then I have no idea what happened. Now with wearing sandals all day long I think my feet look sad and I would love to just sit back and have someone do my toes!

I normally just get the white tips shown above but I am looking for something to change it up a little bit now.

My school colors are black and red so I was thinking maybe something with red in it would look cute.

I do not want just a solid color like what is above because I think that looks like I could do it myself.
I also do not want something that is very complicated or multicolored like this one above either.

I was thinking maybe something like this one above but with a brighter red. Or I might even go off the red story and just get something that is over the top girly and fun like this one below.

Either way I need to decide really soon!

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