Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Think Of Water And Exercise As Food Groups

Hello Divas!

I found the title "Think Of Water And Exercise As Food Groups" on page about eating better and I thought that was an awesome way to think.

Now it can be a little silly to think of non food things as food groups but I think the main point was to get you in the mindset of having Water and Exercise every day...just like you have food every day.

If you make a conscious effort to include both Water and Exercise on a daily basis while you are making your food choices for the day. Exercise does not have to be a full out 60 minute cardio session every day but it must be conscious and mindful.

So far it has been easy for me to include water in my daily routine but it has not been so easy to include exercise. Now that it has begun to snow I dread being outside so I don't even think about going to the gym.

I know that I can exercise at home but it just seems to be more motivating to go out to the gym because I find any excuse to NOT to it when at home.

So now I need to include my exercise food group and I should be on the path to a better me.

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