Monday, May 20, 2013

Cleaning Out The Closet

Hello Divas!!!

Have you heard of the saying that when you buy something new you need to go ahead and get rid of something old?

This is so you don't end up getting too much stuff and amassing clutter. This is the theory that you reach an optimal number of 'things' that you can have and then you need to lose something every time you make space for something new.

I decided to go through my closet and I found a few things that I really needed to get rid of. They were items that:
-are too small
-have not been worn in the past 9 months since I moved into my new apartment
-are ripped
-are stained
-are things that I just hate

I went through and found  about 7 tops that should not be in my closet any longer. I pulled them all out and asked my room mate if she wanted any of them. She sifted through and took about 4 of them.

I also found two pairs of shoes that just had to go. One of them was a very cute pink pair of peep toes that I had only worn twice but that hurt my big toe. I have very flat feet and my feet sometimes slide around in shoes a bit when when I walk and that makes them uncomfortable.

I also had a pair that I had worn a few more times but they also wiggled a bit so she took those as well.

I went shopping today, on the sales and clearance racks of course, and ended up buying four tops. I looked at a few shoes but I was not feeling any of them and I am not in a rush to buy shoes anyway.

I am glad that I got 4 cute tops for summer as I will be taking classes over both summer sessions and I would like a few new things since I have been wearing the same clothes for almost a year....and I don't have THAT many.

The included pic is the back of one of the blouses I as you can see it is nothing spectacular but it is simple and cute.

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