Monday, January 13, 2014

Indoor Beauty

Hello Divas!

Beauty is not only about your physical appearance! We need to have a beautiful environment as well in order to truly be at our best.

Take some time to make your home and surroundings better and you will ultimately look and feel better yourself.

Shoes off!!
The first thing I do when I enter my home is to take my shoes off. I keep slippers close to the front door so that I can take the outside shoes off and wear only the inside slippers. Taking your shoes off at the front door keeps the allergens and pollutants to the main area and you don't track dirt and dust inside.

Windows open!
At least twice a week I make it a point to crack the windows to let some fresh air in for a couple of minutes a day. Indoor air can trap and recirculate polluted air, especially if you don't have indoor plants, so letting some fresh air in can do you a world of good.

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