Saturday, March 15, 2014

No More T-Shirts!!!!

Hello Divas!

Although this blog is supposed to be about my beauty and my fashion I have admitted that I am tomboy and not a girly-girl.

One of my biggest things is that I just LOVE to wear t-shirts. They are so comfortable and easy to slip on and I never have to worry about how they fit or if there is a gap for my bra to show through. Of course t-shirts are VERY boyish...unless you get the ones with really short sleeves...which I don't like because of my underarm issues or if they have glitter and other stuff on them.

I have  A LOT of t-shirts but I have decided to stop wearing them unless I am at home or at the gym. I have already made the decision to stop wearing sneakers for that same reason and I must say I am doing well in that area.

My next transition would be to ditch the t-shirts entirely. I usually get a nice blouse to wear but there are some days where I think I am just running out to put gas in the car, or to go through the drive through for Chinese food. It is so easy to grab a t-shirt but that is not really a glamorous look and certainly NOT fitting for a diva in training.

So join me on my quest to stop wearing t-shirts unless I am working out or just staying at home.

This means I now need to plan out a few tops that I can grab and wear when I am just running to do minor things but I do not want to dress up too much.

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