Thursday, May 29, 2014

June Is Time For Renewal

Hello Divas!!!

So I have decided that June needs to be a time of renewal for me. My birthday is coming up in July and I am tired of being fat and tired all the time.

I need to make small changes all through June so that I can get on the road to being healthy again. I am so afraid of putting on more weight and putting myself at risk for diabetes. The thing is to make all these small changes stick and become a habit.

I set a goal to walk one mile on the treadmill three times a  week...and most weeks I will do it fully and then fall off the wagon the following week. My goal for June is to commit to walking my one mile three days a week EVERY single week!

I also plan on going back to eating healthier by NOT purchasing junk like I have been doing lately. I bought items to make smoothies and I only actually make one smoothie every other week. I need to get my smoothies in at least every other day because it is a VERY easy way to get extra fruits and vegetables.

What are you doing this June to address your lifestyle?

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