Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 Tips To Great Skin

Hello Divas!!

One of the ways to recognize a REAL Diva is by her skin. We don't need to spend TONS of money or even lots of hours....but doing a little bit every day will help you get and maintain the flawless skin that we are known for.

Shun the sun.
Yes it is great to have golden glow if you are lighter skinned but bear in mind that the sun can have some harmful rays. Too much exposure can lead to uneven skin and even worse...cancer.

Use a bronzer to get that beautiful color if you want it. If you are darker skinned PLEASE wear sunscreen.

Many of our darker skinned ladies believe they will not get sun damage but this is false. While the melatonin does give you more protection than the pale skins, it is NOT 100%

I cannot stress enough the importance of exfoliating. Your skin naturally sheds but you can help it out and reveal the younger looking skin below.

You do not have to strip your skin, just use a mild loofah in the shower and you will be well on your way.

Dry, cracked skin is NOT cute. Your skin will be prepped to absorb the moisture after a session of exfoliating so go ahead and use that rich lotion and get your skin glowing!!!

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Skin Care said...

Hey dear i was really upset due to my skin but after reading these tips i am feeling well and will apply these tips on my daily life, thanks