Friday, June 15, 2012

Intererested In A Juice Fast

So I have been reading about doing 3 and 7 day juice fasts and my best friend actually bought a juicer and did a 7 day juice fast.

I have been interested in doing a fast but my blood sugar drops really quickly. I am one of those people who constantly eats because if I don't eat about every three hours I get headaches.

I get VERY cranky...I get hungry and angry....or HANGRY as we like to call it.

I am trying to work myself up to do a three day juice fast but so far it has been rough. I have attempted one day a week for the last three weeks and barely made it into the afternoon before eating.

Today this was my breakfast:
-tea with milk

total of 245 calories.

This was my lunch:
-grapefruit juice...90 calories

In between I have been drinking a  large glass of water about every hour so  that my stomach feels full.

If I can make it to dinner time and only drink more juice and water then today will be a success and I will know that I can do the three day fast.

I actually plan on doing it full time in July so this is just a practice run for me.

Have any of you done a juice fast? Share your experience and tips please!!!!!


Pioneer Girl said...

I have similar problems with blood sugar, and I was scared to do a juice fast. But now that I did it, I have no regrets! My only advice is to stay away from all store bought juices. ONLY do a juice fast if you make your own juice! The amount of sugar and flavorings in store juice kills any potential nutritional benefits. Also, be sure to juice a wide arrange of fruits and veggies. Not only will the variety of flavors keep you from getting burned out, but different veggies/fruit=different nutrients, so you will be sure to get the most nutrients possibe and keep you feeling great! To get your body adjusted, I would recommend replacing meals with juice one at a time for a couple of days (2 days breakfast, 2 days breakfast and lunch, 3 days full detox). I am going to be posting a juicing post on my blog today or tomorrow (whenever I finish it) so be sure to check it out for tips and recipes!

Diva In Training said...

Thanks for posting Pioneer Girl...I will be heading over to your blog to check out your experience.

I only did ONE day because I am living with family right now. I will be getting my own place at the end of July so I will commit to doing a three day one in August where I am more comfortable on my own.

So far I have managed to do one day every week.....but I have been using store bought juice because I don't have a juicer. Once I get settled I will take the plunge!