Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 22 Is No Panty Day

I have been seeing this trending all over facebook and twitter recently. It says that June 22 is No Panty day....after the funny trend of No Pants Day.

I have seen some people say that it is a joke and not a real thing like No Pants Day.

Either way I was a bit disturbed by this and wondered if any of you divas will be taking part in this event.

Would you go the whole day without wearing any panties?

I know that I certainly will not be doing this as it just feels weird to me. I always wear panties even if I am wearing pants or a skirt. I like the feeling of knowing my underwear is there in case something happens to my clothes.

Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to fall and have nothing to cover up your lady bits?

I think it might also be a little bit uncomfortable to have a thick material like your jeans rubbing up against your delicate bits without a protective layer of underwear.

In any case enjoy the day whether you wear your panties or not.

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