Friday, July 6, 2012

Why No Makeup Posts?

Hello Divas!!

Some of you have been asking why I do not do any posts about makeup when this is a fashion and beauty blog.

The reason I do not do those posts is simple.

I don't wear makeup!!!!!

Gasp...yes I know I call myself a diva in training, and I have a site about beauty and fashion..but I don't wear makeup.

I do wear nail polish and lip gloss and once in a while I wear some mascara. Other than that I don't do the
-bronzer etc routine.

I have been blessed with fabulous skin (from all the compliments I get....not being vain) and I just decided that I like my look with only lip gloss.

It is just easier for me to put on some lip gloss and occasional mascara and be perfectly fine with the way I look. I know that makeup enhances what you already have and makes your look pop.

I have been told on the few occasions (weddings, graduation etc) that I do wear makeup that I look SO much better. I still just do mascara and lip gloss for my everyday look and it takes me less than a minute to do my face.

It also saves me from looking totally weird when I don't have time to 'put on a face' because people are accustomed to seeing me with just lip gloss!!!!

I admire those who take the time to put on their makeup every day but I do think makeup is individual and we each do what works for OUR separate case!!!

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