Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dressing Up Or Dressing Down On College Campus

Hello Divas!!

I just wanted to ask you a question. Do you think that as a graduate student you should dress up or dress down.

I have been looking around my campus and notice that people's dress styles run the gamut from very dressed up to woefully under dressed. I have seen students in full on suits next to students in running shorts and flip flops.

I have seen students in creased pants and students in ripped jeans.

I have seen some elaborate hairstyles and seen some girls who look like they have not combed their hair for week.

I am currently a graduate student and I teach twice a week. I love being as comfortable as possible and practically live in jeans.

I do dress up a little more when I teach so I can differentiate myself from my students but I noticed that many of the other graduate teaching students do not do so.

I don't over do it but I do wear dress pants and a pretty blouse when teaching. When I am not teaching I can be found in jeans and a more casual top...sometimes even a tee shirt.  I have decided that I will NOT be wearing tee shirts on my non teaching days because I still walk around campus and can be seen by my students.

I need to invest in a few more casual tops that can dress up jeans but still be VERY comfortable.

So do you think that graduate students..or college students need to dress up or not?

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