Saturday, December 29, 2012

How To Dress To Ring In The New Year: 2013

Hello Divas!!!

Monday marks the last big party of the year as it is also the last day of the year. Every diva I know will be at a New Year's party somewhere and we all need to look our best.

You already got a few tips on what to do with your nails to ring in the new year and we all know to wear something gold but what else will you wear to go all those fancy parties?

First off you need to know what the dress code is. If you go to a casual party and you are a little overdressed it is better than going to a formal party and you are under dressed. In any case they are both bad so you need to know which kind you will be attending before you make a dress purchase.

If you are going to a formal party you may want something like this dress above where you look classy and formal but still not too stiff and stuffy.

If you go sleeveless, depending on your area you may need a shawl or cover up as you walk from your car to the venue.

If you are going to a casual party then a short gold dress like this one may be totally appropriate for your event. You can always throw on some stockings to keep the cold off your legs if you are in a cold area.

Keep your makeup simple and remember to accentuate EITHER your eyes OR your lips but never both. Keep one feature dramatic and one subdued so that you do not look like a crazy made up doll.

Gold eyeliner is always a great choice because it is simple to apply and does not require all the technique that mixing colors does.

I think you can mix it up by wearing a pop of red as your shoes and you all know how much I love wedges so I think a pair like these will be an excellent choice!

As for me...I have already set my outfit. I will be wearing the following:
-black mini skirt
-gold and black tunic blouse
-black stockings (because it is freezing where I live)
-black calf high boots

I have not decided on makeup as yet except I know I will be rocking a red lip!!!!!!

Have a great party night divas and get ready to rock out 2013.

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