Monday, December 24, 2012

Product Review: Tree Hut Brazilian Nut Body Butter

Hello Divas!!

It is time again to review a product that I have personally used. The product for today is Tree Hut Brazilian Nut Body Butter.

Try saying that three times fast!!

You ladies know that I love smelling delicious and my favorite range of scents are in the family of warm, vanilla and sweet.

I got a chance to use this body butter and it is available from a number of retailers..including your local friendly Walmart and at a great price too.

When I opened the container the first thing I noticed was the yummy aroma. It really did have a vanilla-y nutty scent which was not overpowering but did make me want to eat out of the jar.

This is a body butter and not a lotion or a cream so it really was quite thicker than I expected. The one thing I must say is that your skin needs to be a little bit more damp in order for this butter to spread evenly onto the skin.

I usually wipe myself pretty dry after a shower before putting on lotion but that will not work in this case. If you try to apply this to dry skin you will be left with a sticky white residue and you will need to rub a LOT to get it in.

If your skin is more damp then it glides on easily like a lotion.

The butter moisturizes the skin, just not as much as I have found with my Aveeno lotion. I will keep it in use but since it is so thick I might not use it during the summer.

It smells great, is low priced and moisturizes well so you might give it a try!!!

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