Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jaded On Jaded

Hello Divas!!!

I have been really in love with some of the pale green nail polish looks that I have been seeing everywhere. I just got a professional pedicure and I was feeling cute so I decided to give myself a manicure.

I got a bottle of polish in Jaded and proceeded to paint away.

Now I have truly hideously shaped nails but this manicure just beat me. The first thing that threw me off is that the brush is one of those flat ones. I am not accustomed to the flat brush so that might have been part of the problem.

The other issue that I had was the polish seemed to be thick and gluey in texture..maybe it was a bad bottle or maybe that is the particular formula but I had a hard time putting it on. I actually had to put on three coats because there were lumps and see through spots in different areas.

This color does not go very well with my skin so I am only leaving it on for tomorrow and then I will change to something else.

I am not happy at all with this polish and I will get rid of this shade.

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