Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fruit And Vegetable Eating Plan

Hello Divas!

So I started a new eating plan to help jump start my way to a healthier me. The plan calls for unlimited fruits on the first day then unlimited vegetables on the second day. On the third day you can go back to eating things like bread if you want to and then you repeat the fruit and vegetable days.

Fruit day breakfast
Yesterday was my fruit day and this was my breakfast.

I had a cup of cinnamon tea with milk (yes that was technically cheating since you are supposed to have only fruits).
The breakfast was:
-cinnamon tea
-hard boiled egg (I added this for protein because I wanted to stave off hunger).

Fruit day lunch
I did not plan my day very well and because of running errands I did not eat lunch until 6 hours after breakfast. Of course I was starving by then so I had a bowl of leftover soup with pasta and shrimp...which totally derailed the whole 'fruit day'.

Vegetable day dinner
I don't even remember what I had for dinner..I think it was a pear, crackers with hummus and cinnamon tea. I just know that I had already messed up the fruit day so I did not really care what I ate.

Vegetable day breakfast
This was my breakfast on the vegetable day.
I had the following for my meal:
-mushrooms (fried in coconut oil)
-cinnamon tea

Vegetable day lunch
I was better prepared this time and a snack of grapes and blackberries in between breakfast and lunch so I was not starving.
Lunch consisted of:
-corn on the cob (with red pepper parmesan dusting)
-cucumber slices (with olive oil and black pepper)
-2 kiwis

I think the vegetable day went better than the fruit day and I was not hungry at all.

I will have the other half of the cucumber and some more carrots with hummus for dinner. Tomorrow I can eat bread again so I am looking forward to that...and then it will be time for another fruit day the day after that.

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