Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Shopping Haul 21 December

Hello Divas!!!

It is time for another shopping haul post. My shopping hauls are few and far between most of the time and since I do not have a big budget they will usually feature only one item at a time.

The item for today is a peach blouse with very short sleeves. In fact the sleeves are so short that I will most likely use this only as the bottom layer of an outfit with some sort of sweater or blazer over it. I love the peach color and it is truly a rich, juicy hue.

I can pair it with a black and white hounds tooth blazer for the days I want to look more polished...or with a black waterfall sweater for a more casual look.

I have a few other ideas of how to wear this blouse and I think it will work well both for the winter and the warmer months.

The front is a sort of lightweight mesh and the back is of a sheer material. It has a slight hi-lo cut but not in a very obvious manner, which makes it more classic than trendy.

I bought this piece on sale and think it will go a long way as a wardrobe staple in the future.

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