Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shopping Haul 18 December

Hello Divas!

I don't normally do this but I figure I can do a shopping haul like I see the vloggers doing. I will not do a vlog but just a normal blog post on what I bought.

I got a fabulous striped tunic that is is lightweight enough to wear during the warm months, but can be paired with something under for the colder months as well.

This blouse is a lovely striped blend featuring a deep purple, white, orange, and maroon. It has long sleeves which can rolled up with a tab, as you can see by the way the sleeves bunch up a bit. The bunched part is where the tab pulls it up..I just have not rolled the sleeves to properly fit.

The v-neck is not very low so it does not bare too much cleavage. I always wear a cami under my tops so I will wear one with this as well.

The blouse is long enough that it falls below my hips....making it perfect to pair with even skinny jeans. The length is perfect as it covers the hips and butt, so I don't feel too self-conscious.

It cost $19.95 and I think it is a great addition to my wardrobe, especially for the upcoming semester.

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