Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back On The Weight Loss Journey

Hello Divas,

So I have been on and off with my weight loss and really I have just been losing and putting on the same 5lbs for a LONG time.

This is mainly because I have not been serious with what I am doing. I will start a program and then quit in 3 days.

I will start to count my calories and stop tracking in a couple of days.

I will start to exercise and then quit in less than a week.

This year I have decided that I simply cannot be 160lbs at 5ft 3 inches. It is ridiculous and unhealthy and puts me at risk for diabetes...which runs in my family.

I have adopted a self created 1300 calorie plan...based on what I was told from a calorie tracker. Someone of my age and current weight who wants to drop a few lbs safely and who is mostly sedentary needs to eat 1300 calories a day to jump start the weight loss.

I can then move to eating 1500 as I increase my exercise levels.

To prepare myself for my healthier lifestyle I decided to go ahead and start back eating healthy along with trying to incorporate some exercise. I eat either a salad every day or a cup of fruits as a snack.

I have limited myself to eating bread only at breakfast time and I eat a smaller dinner than I used to.

I also eat 2 eggs every other day in some form or fashion. I may have scrambled eggs one day for breakfast, or 2 hardboiled eggs in my salad at lunch or use 2 eggs when I make crepes for breakfast.

I got a water bottle with a filter which contains 3 of the 8 recommended cups for the day. I make sure to drink two of the bottles every day and along with a cup when I take my vitamins plus a cup of tea I am getting about the amount of water that I need for the day.

I love grapefruits so I have started buying the canned one which I can transport better and which does not go bad.

I will be going back to work next week so I need to prepare a few meals that are portable and I can grab and take to work so that I do not end up eating out so much.

This will not only be good for my waistline but also for my budget.

Lastly I have started to do some exercise on a daily basis. I alternate days at home and days at the gym. When I go to the gym I pack in 30 minutes on the treadmill and ab machine and when I am at home I do 30 minutes with a low impact aerobics video I got off YouTube.

I am not able to exercise for a full 30 minutes without breaks yet but I realize that I need baby steps to get there and soon the weight will fall off as I get stronger.

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