Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Simple Nails For Work

Hello Divas!

I am looking at a few nail blogs and also looking at some women's hands and I am wondering what they are thinking.

There are some hideous nails out there and some of them are even scary. I think you can have fun with your nails but still look classy and professional.

You can have a look like this for every day and still be a fabulous diva. It looks great, matches with everything and is short enough to let your comfortably perform all your daily tasks.

You can always go with a look like this if you want to play with color. It might not match every outfit but it will force you to do some careful wardrobe planning for at least a week.

You can always go with something like this if you want to be dramatic...but I am not a fan of complicated nail designs.

Whether you choose to go simple or dramatic you should make sure your nails always look good before you leave the  the house. Pick a day or two during the week when you check your manicure at night and fix any chips.

Do this consistently so it becomes a habit and you will always step out looking like the fabulous diva that you are!

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