Monday, January 7, 2013

Tentatively Going Natural With My Hair

Hello Divas!!!

I have been chemically straightening my hair for years now..although recently I have been using a texturizer instead of a complete relaxer.

Using the texturizer allows me to have a slight wave in the hair instead of it being stick straight and it also allows me to let my hair get wet and not freak out like most black women do. The last time I had the texturizer in was November 2012 when I had to attend a wedding.

I have since then decided to TRY to go natural because I feel that my hair has become very unhealthy and I just wanted to get it back in shape.

I am taking a very simple approach to going natural and I have decided NOT to cut off all my hair. The last time I tried to go natural I did cut off all my hair but I spoke to a friend recently and I have been reading from some people that you do not need to cut your hair.

Of course having the straight hair along with the new growth means that I just have to take extra care with my hair so that I do not have a mess when it is growing out.

I am still on the fence between going totally natural and having a texturized look that is more curly. I love the hair on Jasika Nicole (who plays Astrid on Fringe) and that is actually the look I want to go for.

My hair texture is not the same as hers so I would need to have a texturizer applied to get my hair to look like hers.

For now I am just going with growing it out so my scalp can get a break from chemicals...I might just decide to quit in a few months but so far so good.

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