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Friday, January 11, 2013

How To Wake Up Looking Good

Hello Divas!

We would all love to wake up and roll out of bed looking great...but sadly that is just not a possibility. What you can do is to take steps to make sure you wake up looking GOOD so that you have to do as little as possible to end up looking GREAT before you walk out of the door.

Clean your face!
One of the most important things that you can do at night is to clean your face. I have a friend who has this as her mantra every night:
-Wash hands
-Brush teeth
-Wash face

She believed that even if you were too tired to take a shower or do anything else at night you MUST do those three things before bed. I totally believe that you should go to bed with a clean face because it helps to prevent breakouts.

You know that your skin rejuvenates itself while you sleep so starting off with a clean face is the best thing you can do.

You should always remove your makeup before bed to prevent clogged pores but even if you did not wear makeup you should still use a gentle cleanser to remove the sweat and dirt of the day from your skin.

Prep your hair!
You should go to bed with your hair prepped for the style you want the next day. If you want to have wavy hair then you can braid your hair the night before. When you wake up all you have to do is undo the braids and presto great waves without the use of heat.

You can also put your hair into a high ponytail on the top of your head if you want to keep it straight. If you can sleep with rollers you can use the soft ones to add some curl while you sleep. This will also have the benefit of you using less heat on your hair in the morning....which is always better for you hair.

Drink some water!
Always try to have a drink of water before you go to bed if you can handle it. Some people wake up at night to go the bathroom so they may want to drink just a little bit to avoid this. At the very least you should also keep a glass of water next to the bed so you can hydrate early in the morning. I get up around 5 am to go to the bathroom but don't actually get out of bed til 7. I drink a glass of water when I wake up at 5 so that I will be refreshed when I finally get up.

Get additional moisture!
Along with getting hydration from inside you need to seal in moisture from the outside. Most people are unaware that they sweat while sleeping...because they are asleep! You lose a LOT of water at night while you sleep so it is key to seal in as much as you can before bed.

Apply some lip balm to your lips as the skin there is thin and will dry out, especially if you lick your lips in your sleep, or breathe with your mouth open.

Use a heavy lotion on your hands and feet and if you use a night cream then go ahead and apply that to your face as well.

If you do all these simple things you will be taking the first steps to wake up looking good and then you can go on to looking great like the diva that you are!



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