Thursday, June 5, 2008

3 Beauty Myths

Here are Three of the Top Beauty Myths. Do you believe these myths and unintentionally harm yourself and your skin?
  1. Certain Foods Make you Break out. Not true. Stress makes you break out.
  2. Vitamin E prevents scarring. Not true. Silicone strips work better. All vitamin E does is moisturize.
  3. Raised Moles are bad. Raised moles are ok and generally not dangerous.


charmed blossoms said...

you're right, vitamin E doesn't really work.

where do you get silicone strips?

Diva In Training said...

I think you would have to go the pharmacy counter and ask them there.

Now I just took this article from another source..but I find that Vitamin E does work for me. So I guess it is just dependent on your skin type.