Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Experience with Putting On Fake Eyelashes

I have never been a girly girl and as such I was not into makeup at all. I saw a friend of mine wearing false eyelashes and they looked so beautiful that I just decided I had to try them out.

I think that wearing fake eyelashes makes a Diva look truly fabulous and I wanted to try something a bit different.

I also found this post from my favorite beauty blogger Xiaxue who wrote about How To Get Beautiful Eyes. The tips seemed simple enough so I figured it would not be too difficult to get the fake lashes on.

I was wrong.

It takes a lot of work to put on makeup and false eyelashes are no different.

I followed the steps they said:
  • Apply glue to lashes
  • Let glue become tacky
  • Apply lashes along eye close to real lashes

I did all the steps and the lashes were not looking right. The first time I tried I think they were too high above my real lashes so I took them off and redid them.

The next time they were close but I could not open my eyes all the way and they felt heavy. I tried putting them on again a few more times and ended up mangling the lashes so badly that I had to throw them out.

I am going to try again and maybe get some pictures this time.


Petula Wright said...

LOL! Yes, I tried this once before my wedding. I was gonna practice then give it a go on the big day. Never did figure that crap out, but I love the way they look on other people! Good luck the next time and I look forward to seeing the pics!

Diva In Training said...

I just went to CVS and bought a new pair so I will try again.

They lie on the definitely is not as easy as they claim it is.