Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pretty Diva Hair

Ladies everywhere you can save money on your hair this summer by keeping it simple. You can have great looking hair with minimal effort and frugal use of products.


Headbands are big this summer and can instantly take your hair style from boring to beautiful in a simple and cheap way. Invest in a few cheap headbands and scarves to change up your look every day without breaking the bank.


This is the simplest style to achieve but you can change it around so much to look fresh. Try a high pony tail one day and then try a low slung side pony the next. Accessorize with things you already have and you have interesting looking hair styles without spending a lot of money. Putting your hair up in a pony tail also means that you do not need to use gels and mousse to keep the hair looking nice so that also saves you a bit of money.

Can you think of any other simple yet stylish looks that help you to save money on your hair care?

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