Monday, July 7, 2008

Looking for Guest Posts

Hello Divas,

I am looking for someone to guest post for me.

Your post just has to be related to beauty or fashion and you can feel free to write whatever you want.

If you would like to have your post featured here just email me at lulugal11 At gmail dot com and I will take a look at it.

You will receive a link back from this blog and you will have my readers come over to your blog and will certainly increase your traffic.


elaine said...

Hi! You don`t have to publish this but my blog used to be girly up the web and now it`s I am linked to you!

Diva In Training said...

Thanks for letting me know and I will fix the broken link on my site to reflect the change.

Lori said...

Diva, I'm going to write something and send it over. I'm a closet fashionista (get it? Closet? I crack myself up).

Love your icon - those shoes are adorable!