Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bargain Outfit (guest post)

Welcome Divas!

Today we have a guest post from Lori at Fashion On a Dime.

I enjoy a bargain. Let me rephrase – I obsess about a bargain. Shopping, for me, has become a quest to find fantastic clothing at the lowest possible price. You don’t have to pay a lot to look like you have a lot.

Let’s do a little experiment. Let’s take an outfit from a high-end retailer and see how we can replicate it for a lot less. I’ve found one here. The Escada ensemble isn’t cheap; the jacket is priced at $1,490, the jeans at $790 and the turtleneck at $890. Jacket and jeans are cotton/spandex blend. The turtleneck? Not sure, but let’s assume cashmere. The total - $3,170. And that’s without shoes, which we can safely assume cost well over $100.

Now to build our replica outfit. The jacket is a much more difficult find than anything else on the outfit. However, we can modify to find one that has unique features just like the one on our high-end model. I opted for this one from Forever 21, which costs $24.80.

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Next we have a purple turtleneck. Only now, our sleeves on our jacket are shorter. No problem. We’ll find a sleeveless turtleneck. Here I opted away from the deep purple, which I think is flattering on only a few people, for a more modern teal. Good old JCPenney, which has surprised me a lot with some great finds, has this one for $19.99.

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On to the pants. Here’s where it can get tricky. Let’s be honest – not all jeans fit all women in the same way. For this experiment, I’ll show you what I’ve found, but in reality, you gotta try them on. I chose “The Flirt” jeans from Old Navy in Blue Black. They come in at $34.50.

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That leaves shoes. Here you go – a black round-toe wedge from eBay (my favorite shoe source). Your browser may not support display of this image.

We’ll assume you chose the “Buy it now” feature and you’re paying $14.99 plus the $9.99 shipping.

To be honest, I think black pumps with this look is playing it safe. I’d much rather kick it up a bit with the shoes. I’d prefer something like this.

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On sale at DSW for $14.94.

So what’s the total? The replica outfit, complete with black wedge eBay shoes (and shipping), cost $104.27. If we opt for the red shoes, the total comes in at $100.18 (including $5.95 shipping).

Do you look good? Of course. And you’ve saved $3,065.73. Your outfit is close to the original, but has enough of your own personal twist to make it much more interesting. Wear it in style, girl!

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Lori said...

Thanks so much! I appreciate the chance to share the same passion.

Diva In Training said...

You are welcome.