Monday, July 28, 2008

Cleaning and Organizing My Bathroom Sink

Welcome Divas!

Today I am cleaning out my bathroom sink because I must say it has become quite a mess in the last few days. I normally give it a good cleaning on the weekend but I have not done so for about two weeks now since I have been so busy.

The Mess
The sink looked like this when I went in to clean:

Yes I know this is a horrible mess and it makes me shudder to think of the confusion here. Luckily I have a spare bathroom so my guest did not have to see this bit of ugly because it certainly was NOT fitting of a Diva to have a bathroom that looks like this.

The Cleaning
The first thing I needed to do was to completely clear off the sink area so I could work.
I cleared everything off and gave it a good scrubbing and then it looked like this.

Better right?

Then I cleaned every bottle and other item off and decided where it should go. The things I use frequently went back on the sink and the other items either went onto the hanging pockets behind the door or they went into the bathroom cupboard.

The End
After I got everything back in place it looked like this.
As you can see I now have my Clean And Clear products for keeping my face beautiful on the left of the sink. I use these about three times a week so I need to have them within easy reach.

The little white bottle with the pink label on the right is the lightening lotion I am using to see if I can get my underarms to get lighter.

I know you ladies can see the rest of the stuff around the sink so I will be giving an update on all the products I use and what I use them come back and see.


Petula Wright said...

I always feel better when I get everything all neat, clean and organized. I just cleaned off my dresser and it looks so much better. Makes me feel refreshed.

Diva In Training said...

I feel better now. I have to tackle my computer desk next.