Friday, July 4, 2008

30 Days: Living In GayTown

I just watched a show called 30 Days and the episode was about a straight man who had to live for thirty days in Gaytown.

Yes it is called Gaytown because the majority of the population is gay. I must say I really liked the episode because while the straight guy was not converted, he did become more tolerant and actually left the show saying he had made a friend.

The show was interesting and if you have not seen it as yet I encourage you to sign up for and check it out.

I have always found the gay men to be ..well fabulous!

The ones who are flamboyant (think Jack from Will and Grace) are so entertaining and I always wanted to have a gay male best friend.

I think it would be awesome to just have someone like Jack to be around me and be a fabulous Diva with all the time.

He could help me pick out clothes and we would go shopping and get our armpits waxed together.

What do you think of flamboyant gay men?


Jai said...

We share the same idea!! I'd love a flamboyantly gay bff to tell me about my hair and go shopping with. I can just see all the fun we'd have checking guys out. :)

Diva In Training said...

Well Jai, If you find one let me know.

I think that the area I live in is too conservative so anyone who is gay will not come out.

I guess we need to move to San Fransisco or something to find our buddies.

ElaineB said...

I love my gay friends. They are never jealous of how pretty you are or say nasty comments about you. Instead they are very complementary and really pick you up!!!